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A Quick Note About Obamacare

March 22, 2010

Many of you may be angry right now.  Obamacare will soon be law.  Even though the vast majority of Americans know how terrible this legislation is, it passed anyway.   We’re looking at four years of tax increases and massive medicare cuts, before any of the supposed benefits arrive.  One of the more unpopular “benefits” is an individual fine for not having government approved health insurance.  So– In 2013, by law, every American must buy health insurance whether or not they want it or can afford it.

Some of you simply can’t believe that the bill is as bad as it is.  Some of you are wondering how legislation this bad could pass.  The answer is simple.  It is a direct result of the 2008 elections.  The Democrats won complete control of government.  The current leaders of the Democratic Party are Alinsky-style Marxists.  They’ve always wanted a single payer health system, but couldn’t get it.  They wanted a law, any law, that they could call health care reform.  It didn’t matter what was in it.  They needed a big victory. They got it.

So what now?  We could just accept this massive intrusion into our personal lives.  Just surrender our liberty to men like Barack Obama who promise to take care of us.

Or, we could fight to get our liberty back.  We can fight to make sure no one ever takes it from us again.  We can fight to take our country back!  We can fight to repeal this law!

We need to give the Republicans a super majority this November.  If we fail, we need to try again in 2012.

Let’s fight with the tools that the Constitution gives us.  It’s time to become one issue voters.  Vote for any candidate that pledges to repeal Obamacare.  Vote against any candidate that wont.  No matter how long it takes, never forget.  Never quit.  Never give up.  Never stop, until this law is dead!

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  1. Mitch permalink
    March 23, 2010 12:56 am

    A few thoughts as I try to wade through the 2800 pages…. First, after the Republicans had the majority in Congress under a Republican President, they didn’t do anything to fix Social Security. Second, the next danger is immigration reform that puts millions of illegal immigrants on the new gov’t health program, something I doubt the CBO took into account in it’s estimates. Oh yeah, bank money on the Dems trying to pass that in the bill. Third, Executive Orders are empty law promises. They can be removed as quickly as they’re implemented. Lastly, the Republicans need to do a better job of publicizing their alternatives. The Left is spinning opposition to a bill as opposition to fixing a problem. And people are believing it. I’ll be honest, I don’t see this getting repealed because Republicans rarely have the balls to do what’s right if it might cost them reelection. Tell you what, though, I’m not going to give up on trying.

    Great blog so far!

    • March 23, 2010 1:49 am

      President Bush really pushed for Social Security reform in the form of individual retirement accounts. I’ll never forget watching the congressional Democrats cheer about obstructing Social Security reform at the State of the Union Address.

      The rest of your observations are absolutely correct. The Republicans should release their information directly to the internet. They have to make an end run around the MSM, because the media are an entrenched left-wing institution. Republicans or conservatives will never, ever get fair treatment from them. They should stop trying and just bypass them.

      As for the odds of getting this repealed, we’ve got two years of tax hikes and empty promises that will work in our favor. Just think about how mad people will be when the Medicare cuts take place over the next year – with no program to replace them. “Sorry grandma, we can’t replace that hip right now. You’ll just have to wait until the new program starts in 2013 .”

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