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More Media Shenanigans **UPDATED**

March 26, 2010

The Seattle Times printed an article yesterday about the supposed violence in the wake of passage of the health care bill.  They report that a “A rock was thrown through the window of [Ohio Rep. Steve] Driehaus’ Cincinnati office Sunday[…]”

The Carew Tower

That certainly sounds like some angry person resorted to violence… too bad it’s completely made up.  How do we know?  Driehaus’ office is on the 30th floor of Cincinnati’s tallest building, the Carew Tower.  Oh I suppose it’s possible someone picked the lock of his office, threw a rock through a window from the inside, then departed re-locking the door and leaving no trace.  Or maybe it was a rocket-propelled rock. It sure would have been nice if the Seattle Times had a photo of the window and rock, but I guess they didn’t think that was necessary.  Of course they did provide photos of other, unrelated, broken windows…






The Examiner contacted Congressman Driehaus’ Cincinnati office and was able to verify that a rock was not thrown through their window.

No rocks through Driehaus’ Cincinnati office window

Cincinnati, OH – Though the Seattle Times had reported on March 24th that a rock was thrown through Congressman Driehaus’ Cincinnati office window (the office is on the 30th floor of the Carew Tower skyscraper), Driehaus’ office staff are confirming that no such incident occurred.

[…]  When asked about the Seattle article and the rock being thrown through Driehaus’ Cincinnati office window, [staffer Caleb Faux] replied, “I think that report is an error. You’d have to have an awfully good pitching arm to throw something that high.”

Read the rest HERE.

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  1. Kenneth permalink
    March 26, 2010 11:15 pm

    Unless of course, the windows they were talking about are the kind that are inside the building that seperate the office from the rest of the building.

  2. March 27, 2010 12:29 am

    Hmmm… if we had a picture, then that would be clear. Wouldn’t it? Of course, I do have to wonder where a person would find a rock to throw in the hallway on the 30th floor of a building. Or did he pick up a rock, then take the elevator to the 30th floor? If he did, building security would certainly have video of the guy.

  3. Kenneth permalink
    March 27, 2010 8:58 am

    Really? You have to wonder how someone could sneak a rock into a building? Last I checked most metal detectors dont detect things that arent metal. Who says there was even a video camera for security outside of the offices? I’m not saying the rock throwing incident did or didnt occur. It just seems to me, it might be helpful to think of other situations than “that left wing media is lying again”, otherwise it’s just the same game played by the other team as far as I’m concerned.

  4. March 27, 2010 4:39 pm

    You’re completely missing the point. An angry person might pick up a rock in the street and throw it. But what kind of person picks up a rock, walks into a building, rides the elevator to the thirtieth floor, walks through the hall, and then throws a rock through a window. Why would the guy bring his own rock? Why not use a chair or a planter or ashtray that was in the hall? Did he plan ahead? Or did he go up to the thirtieth floor, realize there was nothing to throw, go back down, get a rock, go back up, and throw it?

    At any rate, the Carew Tower is the tallest building in Cincinnati. It’s a National Historic Landmark and a tourist attraction. It has security cameras.

    And there still isn’t a picture of the rock or broken window. Without the picture, there is no proof. And without proof, there is no story.

    To clearly state the point — The Seattle Times should never have run this story without a picture of the broken window. Period.

    • kenneth permalink
      March 27, 2010 9:03 pm

      Who would bring a rock in from outside? Possibly anyone who has been stirred up from hearing constantly from certain media sources that anyone who believes in the healthcare vote is unamerican…. that’s who. I didnt mean to imply that there were absolutely no security cameras in the building. Just MAYBE there arent any right outside the office that was stoned.
      As for pictures = story and no pictures = no story, thats nonsense. Yes, a picture would be nice, but there’s news stories all that time that have no video or photographs to go with the story. Fires, car accidents…. even the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I know what you’re thinking…. you remember seeing video of the attack in grainy black and white as a kid. I remember that too. It’s just too bad that that “footage” is actually parts of the attack scene from the movie “December 7th” by John Ford. So according to your logic, The bombing of Pearl Harbor shouldnt have been a news story. Neither should have the Watergate break in or the Iran-Contra affair. Hogwash.

      As for missing the point, I see the point loud and clear. When Bill O’Reilly’s show doctored footage in order to pump up the teabag rally numbers, you found a quick solution…. “maybe an editor got a little overzealous and did it without permission”. When Glen Beck pushes his whole “the country is falling apart and we’re headed towards anarchy” and then cuts to commercial and sells supplies in case the world really does fall apart, you say “it’s just an advertiser that has money to spend and add revenue to the network”, but when something happens on the other side of the political spectrum….. there is no other explanation than yours.

      You’re smarter than that. And I know you are. So that means either A) you really aren’t thinking clear on anything politcal because you are so angry or B) you too are purposely skewing the story to meet your own needs. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you’re angry. Although, personally I think your anger is misguided. I think you’d do better work if you didnt look like a front for the republican party. Because right now, you sound like everyone else who isnt making sense when you actually listen and think about what they say.

      Anyways…..the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture of the Carew Tower was, “Is that where WKRP was transmitting from?”. I guess me and you just have different views on the world.

  5. March 28, 2010 6:45 am

    As to your first point, you’re still dodging the obvious. There are pictures of the aftermath of Pearl Harbor. The Watergate story did have audio tape of Nixon. Iran-Contra had video of Reagan and Ollie North testifying. Without those things, no story. If the news media wrote a story saying JFK was shot, but didn’t have evidence of a corpse, would you have believed them? This story needs a rock and a broken window. Where are they? This is really basic stuff. I don’t know why you’re arguing about it. You say you’re concerned about propaganda, so what’s your problem with demanding a higher standard of proof from the media?

    Second, it was Hannity, not O’Reilly. And he issued an apology for what he claimed was a mistake. See video here: Personally, I don’t believe it was a mistake. Either he or his video editor did want to exaggerate the size of the crowd. And there’s a lack of a pattern with this one. If it happened more than once, Jon Stewart would expose it, because making Fox News look bad is a major component of the Daily Show. However the pattern is very clear with MSNBC (Pravda) and the other traditional media services. Here’s Chris Matthews admitting he’s biased: and talking about the thrill up his leg for Obama: And MSNBC claiming a black man is a white racist:

    Oh and Glenn beck isn’t warning of anarchy, he’s concerned with authoritative socialism and communism. And what exactly is your problem with Glenn Beck’s advertisers? They offered Beck money to advertise their products. So he does. Should he not take their money because they’re targeting survivalists?

    On to point 3. I’m not acting out of anger. I’m also not skewing anything. I’m trying to instill a healthy skepticism of the entire news media –including Fox News– in my readers. They simply aren’t to be trusted. They must do a better job of providing proof — especially on political stories — or they do not deserve to be believed.

  6. Kenneth permalink
    March 28, 2010 9:24 pm

    Yes, you’re right….there were eventually different types of proof that the 3 examples I listed did actually occur, BUT when the stories first broke, they were ran with no pictures or evidence.

    I watched FOXnews Saturday and they had a story about Barbara Bush going into the hospital, yet there were no pictures. They used “file video” of her. Does this mean that it isnt a story since there were no pictures of the event? Of course not. Thats stupid to think.

    The Seattle Times story was not about a rock and a window it was about a REPORT of a rock and a window. (which your update reported….except you didnt exactly say that, I had to read the original artical to find out that I was right)

    And yes, I’m concerned about propagana….including yours. You seem to missing the point about Hannity and Beck (and thank you for correcting me about Hanity’s incident not being O’Reilly, it’s hard to keep all the snafu’s at FOXnews straight via just memory), The POINT is that you will come up with any explanation to defend your side of the politcal spectrum, yet say there is no other solution but yours to the problems of the other side. Thats slanted, biased and skewed, no matter what you say.

    As for Hannity offering an apology, he only offered an apology because he was caught… a COMEDY show. How sad is it that the news (msnbc, CBS, ABC and CNBC included) constantly gets bested by a comedy show?

    My problem with Glen Beck isnt his advertisers, it’s Glen Beck. He’s selling fear at the prospect of anarchy and/or any other situation that would lead to a survivalist situation. Much like yelling Fire in a crowded movie house in order to sell tickets for the exit door.

    You say you’re trying to instill healthy skepticism, but I’d be more apt to believe that if your brand of skepticism wasnt so conservatively biased. Believe it or not, I agree with you 100% on the liberal bias, and truth be told, I probably agreed with you before you did. But if you’re going to take the conservative approach to the same game, I’m gonna call you on it. Not to be a jerk, but to do my part to keep skepticism truly healthy.

    And if I’m a jerk on the way, well thats just gravy. 😉

  7. March 28, 2010 11:09 pm

    Okay. Here’s the quote from the Seattle Times story:

    ***Protesters have been demonstrating at Driehaus’ Ohio home, said Tim Mulvey, a spokesman for the anti-abortion Democrat who joined Stupak in voting for the health bill. A rock was thrown through the Hamilton County Democratic Party headquarters in Cincinnati, and a death threat was phoned in to his Washington office a day later, Mulvey said.

    “It’s getting out of hand,” Mulvey said.***

    So do you think that it’s responsible journalism to quote Mulvey, but not check his claims? Now that we know his claim about the window was a complete lie, what do you think about the Seattle Times? Is it acceptable for a news organization to print a story without checking the claims of their sources?

    This is important because there have been quite a few unverified claims about violence and vandalism in the wake of the health care bill passing. A congressman says protesters were chanting racial slurs, but no one else heard them AND the event was videotaped by his own people and there were no slurs on the tape. Another congressman says a coffin was left on his lawn as a threat, but he doesn’t have the coffin. There was a coffin near by when some pro-life group used it as a prop to pray over, but they took it home with them, it was NOT left there as a threat. Now we have absolute proof of a political operative making false claims about vandalism of Driehaus’ office.

    This should make you question the veracity of the “violent, angry Republicans” message that you’ve been seeing on the news for that last few days. If you don’t question it, you don’t want to know the truth.

    You’ve accused me of being so biased that I would make this stuff up, but I disagree. I think you have a bias, a worldview, that is preventing you from seeing the truth. You really want to believe that both political parties are EQUALLY bad. But the facts don’t match with your belief, so you disregard the facts. Your statement about Fox News illustrates the point. You don’t know what else FNC has done wrong, but you are certain that they have.

    I don’t care enough to defend Glenn Beck, but I don’t think you’ve seen any more of him than the Daily Show clips because he’s clearly speaking out against big government socialism/communism. He’s worried about a power grab by authoritarian leftists, not a toppling of the government by anarchists.

  8. Kenneth permalink
    March 29, 2010 9:04 am

    I never questioned the validity of the Seattle Times. I never said I either agreed with them or not. I am honestly trying to just this from both sides of the spectrum. In fact, I said “I’m not saying the rock throwing incident did or didnt occur. It just seems to me, it might be helpful to think of other situations than ‘that left wing media is lying again’ ”, You said in the OP that your proof that the Seattle Times story was made up was that “Driehaus’ office is on the 30th floor of Cincinnati’s tallest building, the Carew Tower”. I disagreed that was proof.

    Then you alluded that no one would carry a rock in from the street without being caught on video. I disagreed with that as well. You went on to say “Without the picture, there is no proof. And without proof, there is no story”, which I also disagreed with, citing several instances when there has been stories without pictures. In this case, I debated that the story isnt that a rock was or wasnt thrown but someone had reported that is was.

    I quote from YOUR link to the update “Examiner also spoke with a Hamilton County Democratic Office representative who identified himself as Caleb Faux. He indicated that a report had been filed with the Cincinnati Police. He further explained that though the rock did leave a hole in the first pane of a double pane glass window, that the rock had bounced off the glass and landed outside. He also said that since there were no witnesses and no leads as to who threw the rock, nothing is being investigated. ”

    I’m also not say that racial slurs were or were not used. I’ve seen the videotape when this suppossedly occured and nothing could be heard….. BUT anyone who has ever watched a bootlegged concert video knows that even the loudest thing around isnt always picked up by camcorder microphones. I am not saying anything was said…..let me repeat so my knowledge of video equipment isnt misconstrued as siding with the liberal mainstream media: I am not saying anything racist was or was not said. I dont know, I wasnt there.

    You’re very smart. I never said you made this up. I said ” I’d be more apt to believe (you) that if your brand of skepticism wasnt so conservatively biased”. I also said you had propaganda. There are several types of propaganda. One of which is using quotes out of context or twisting the meaning to suit your needs. You proved that for me by saying that I accused you of being so biased that you “would make this stuff up”. I repeat, I never said that.

    When I said “you will come up with any explanation to defend your side of the politcal spectrum”, I was saying that you dont even try to think of another reason for the other side of the debate. The office is on the 30th floor, it couldnt happen, case closed. I argued it could happen. Not that it did, that it COULD.

    I dont disregard facts, and trust me, I dont only watch the Daily show to get my news. I get bits and pieces from many news sources…. including FOXnews. If I only got my facts via a comedy channel, that would make me as naive as people who only trust one news channel.

    The fact that I agreed with you when I was wrong about Glen Beck worrying everyone about anarachy (even changing my wording to “He’s selling fear at the prospect of anarchy and/or any other situation that would lead to a survivalist situation”), and you responded by telling me that “He’s worried about a power grab by authoritarian leftists, not a toppling of the government by anarchists”, tells me that either you arent reading what I’m saying too closely or you are purposely disregarding the facts to match YOUR world view. Either that or you’re simply trying to discredit me as a person rather than my points.

    Like I said before, I find you very intelligent and able discern truth from bullshit. I know you’re better than to trust only the extremists on any side of the political debates, but I have to say when I read an article and 8 replies from 8 conservatives who sing the exact same song as in the article in the first place, (or worse 8 people who argue the same democrats arguments) I honestly wonder the state of our country. Where are the true independent thinkers? Is this really the best we have to offer?

    I also worry about people who praise the rebel rousing of the tea party, or the allegations of violence that is the current tool of the democrats. I hate that Obama challenged the Republicans to repeal the healthcare reform, and I hate that Republicans were yelling “You Lie” to a president. It’s all childish abysmal behavior.

    At a time when we need to show the world how strong we are, we act like kindergarteners fighting over who is in control of the playground. Shame on all of us.

  9. March 29, 2010 2:17 pm

    I agree that you should apply the same scrutiny to my posts and the NY Examiner’s article that I am suggesting be applied to the media as a whole. So- on that, we are in agreement. To be clear, I do understand that the quote from the Examiner did not have photographic proof (as I previously demanded). I just want to be certain you understand that the “Hamilton County Democratic Office” is a different place than “Driehaus’ Cincinnati office.”

    My problem with your statement on Beck was that you used the word “anarchy” at all. When I pointed out that was an inaccurate description, you replied using “anarchy” again. Thus my reaction.

    “Make this stuff up” was my shorthand for “it might be helpful to think of other situations than that left wing media is lying again.” I did not intend to put words in your mouth. I contend that one false report on a particular subject is a mistake, two is a coincidence, three or more is a pattern of deception.

    I have detected a pattern of deception in reporting on the “violence following Obamacare passing” and “Tea Party attendees are violent racists” themes from the MSM. You seem to be excusing the MSM’s obvious deception because the other side does it too. But, the news media isn’t supposed to be on a side. They’re supposed to report the facts as truthfully as possible. But they don’t.

    The left has a huge network of sympathetic news organizations that happily skew or fabricate stories to the benefit of the democrats. Until the internet and Fox News, the right only had AM talk radio political entertainers like Rush Limbaugh (not an objective news source) to spread their message.

    If you are noticing a pattern of deception by the media on the right that I am missing, I want to know about it so I can put it on the blog. In fact, I’ll add you as a contributor to Wild Citizen so you can keep us informed. I’m interested in the truth, even if I don’t like it. So- what do you say? Are you in? Sign up for a WordPress account and email your user name to me and I’ll authorize you to post stories.

  10. kenneth permalink
    March 29, 2010 9:41 pm

    Couple quick points, as I just woke up and need my Jim Beam……er, um…..I mean, coffee.

    When Beck does (what I feel… oppinion only) his fear-mongering and cuts away to commercials that say you can sell your gold and plant seeds for food in a survivalist situation, to me, I see that as a lawless situation, or anarchy. Maybe it’s not the kind with organized anarchists with big round bombs and black trenchcoats with matching fedoras covering their eyes. I’m not even talking about a bunch of Johnny Rotten types who repeat whatever he said ad naseum, although, if your gonna quote someone for politcal reason, why not a Sex Pistol? To me…. “survivalist situation” sounds like a code word for lawlessness. I get it, Beck is trying to convey if you agree with anything the current administration does, it’s going to lead to lawlessness, or anarchy.

    I’m not going to say anything that would show that I have love for any mainstream media. I remember arguing with my mom in the early 1990’s about the validity of news media. Back then, there was CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and newspapers, which I believe most political stories were AP or USA Today. To fight media liberal bias in our current enviroment by the addition of right wing bias is (again….my oppinion only) like putting out a fire with gasoline. (with all due respect to David Bowie)

    Do I really excuse “the MSM’s obvious deception because the other side does it too”? I dont think I have in any of this. In fact, I condemn FOX for doing the same thing they say the rest are doing. That’s the exact opposite! The only thing I argued was your story. Your a smart guy, and smart guys need to come up with smart stories. I saw a hole in your logic, and I feel using any kind of bias only magnifys that hole.

    Is it unfair that the Daily show barages conservatives like they do? Probably…. but they do get both sides and ALL other MSM outlets. Maybe I tell you more about FOX jokes, but that could be my fault because I know you watch a lot of FOXnews, and I’m sort of…..well, a dick. 🙂 (I’m ok with that) There’s also the fact that people like Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin are almost cartoon characters in real life, it is kind of easy to make fun of them. Glen and Rush over dramatize EVERYTHING, and I’m not really sure how Palin stands on ANYTHING besides not liking David Letterman and she likes to use a whole lot of hunting analogies. Is it really Tina Fey’s fault that no one really knows what Palin has to say, or is it Palins?

    Would I write articles for your page? No offense, but prolly not. It’d be kind of in bad taste to critique the posts already here if I was a contributor as well. Believe it or not, I do have some ethics. And I’m not questioning your posts to be a jerk. I know you and I also know as a fellow intelligent person, you’d want oppinion about your posts rather that the 8 people who repeat what you say in the replies. [boring] But be rest assured… I honestly feel that what I write in the replies is how I’m viewing things….I dont disagree just to disagree.

    (do I misspell ‘oppinion’? I’m never sure, it’s one of those words that dont quite look right even if spelled correctly)

    blah-blah blah. where’s that coffee?

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