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US House Numbers Fun

April 8, 2010

As promised (and apologies for the delay), here is some further US House analysis.  OK, I know I said Senate stuff would be next, but I have changed my mind on that. 

In the 2008 generic ballot for House races, the Democrats won by nearly 11%, which has led to their 79 seat advantage in that body, that same wonderful body that gave us nationalized (fascist) health care and nationalized (fascist) student loans. 

In 2010, the generic ballot shows a little over a 2% advantage for Republicans, which would amount to a 13% swing.  Of course we know that the swing will not be uniform across all races nationwide, but it is kind of fun to look at it from that perspective.  So if we look at the generic result, the Republican Party will gain roughly 74 seats, a 253 – 182 advantage for the party out of power. 

Just some food for thought …

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  1. April 15, 2010 3:13 pm

    It’s more accurate to call them Marxist programs. They just appear fascist in the middling stages of the Alinsky-ite power grab. Obama’s friends, family, appointees and advisers are almost universally Marxist (with the occasional Maoist thrown in), so it’s safe to assume that his goals are in that direction.

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