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What is it with…?

April 26, 2010

…tyrannical socialists hating the Jews?  For instance, take a look at this video of the Obama appointed National Security Adviser, James Jones, at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy:

A “greedy Jew” joke?  Seriously?  And the audience laughed… un-freaking-believable!

 This must be how it felt in the days leading up to the Third Reich.  I hate to reference Hitler in a political argument, because it always seems to be an overreaction.  I just don’t see any other way to react to the National Security Adviser telling anti-semitic jokes as part of an official policy speech. 

Who would have believed that we’d still have such blatant bigotry in America in the 21st century? 

And, no.  It doesn’t matter that he apologized after the fact.  That Jones could have even considered that this was an appropriate thing to do is appalling.  There’s just no excuse for it.

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