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Clarifying Thoughts

May 2, 2010

Just a thought (or two) before things get out of hand, and we are branded as a Republican shill blog, and I think Steele feels the same way (although he can correct me if I’m wrong).  I dislike Democrats (politicians) because I believe that they thwart the Constitution at every opportunity, read things into it that are not there-like a right to abortion and a freedom FROM religion.  But I also dislike Republicans (politicians) because they often like to go along to get along and generally have no spines to stand up for the Constitution when necessary.

If I had been polled during the Bush Administration, I would have given Mr. Bush fair marks on his job performance because I liked some of his policies and his stick-to-itiveness, but I found him far to fiscally liberal – an unbridled spender.  In the same vein, I would have been 100% in the “Wrong Path” category.  The USA is constantly moving away from Constitutional, limited government and both parties are to blame.  My thinking, more or less, is that Democrats accelerate unconstitutional policy and behavior, while Republicans just simply let it linger while everyone gets used to it.

What I support are Constitutional, limited government candidates for any and all positions of government.  Leave us alone because politicians and bureaucrats make it worse.  I consider my self both libertarian and a realist, which is why I don’t generally vote for Libertarian candidates.  They have 0% chance of being elected until the Libertarian Party is able to convince more than a handful of people to support them.  The government has some duties and obligations, but not nearly as many as it thinks it does.  If you want to look at over-reaching government, take a look at Kelo vs. New London.  Validated by a liberal Supreme Court, it allows the government to take your property and give it to another private citizen.  Yes, more power grabbing from the Democratic Party.  It is also a reason why I will never support a Democrat for President, or at least until there is at minimum a 6-3 Conservative and Originalist (notice, not Republican) majority on the court.  In my opinion, it is the one branch of government that can keep the people free.  And no Democrat will appoint someone like that.  Ever.

I think the hardest thing to do is to be a conservative in power.  The point of being a modern (real) conservative is to divest power from government to the people.  But people and the government by nature collect power unto themselves, so a true conservative has to fight that nature.  By contrast, being a liberal is easy, whether it be power or government giveaways, just gimme, gimme, gimme, and oh yeah, you subjects out there, just bury your head in the sand please.

The problem I have with any Democrat at this point in history, is that their first vote in Congress is to support Nancy Pelosi for speaker.  In my book, that vote disqualifies them from power because its sets the United States on a path towards two more years of radical leftist policies.  If Democrats reverse course and begin to support American policies over leftist ones, then may the best candidate win.

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  1. May 3, 2010 12:37 am

    In general, I agree with your thoughts here. I couldn’t care less about political party. I’m far more interested in political philosophy and ideology and how a politician applies them. I’d happily vote for a small government Democrat, given the opportunity, but they’ve become more rare than jackalopes and unicorns. These days the Democrat party are almost indistinguishable from the Bolsheviks. They are so authoritarian and anti-liberty it’s ridiculous. They’re constantly demanding more government interference in their personal lives and in their pocketbooks in the mistaken belief that they are securing more “rights.” They believe the ideal society is centrally planned at the federal level with plenty of entitlements and wealth distribution. AKA Socialism. But they want to re-brand it as “social and economic justice” or “progressive” because socialism has such a negative image in the public consciousness. If they weren’t so obvious, they would be much more dangerous.

    I believe the most serious danger is from the so-called “moderate” Republicans. They don’t have any principles that they wouldn’t abandon in an instant to consolidate personal power or to get re-elected. Guys like Arlen Specter and Charlie Crist. They are the closest thing to the fascists that the left is always frothing about. A government run by those guys has the same terrifying potential for tyranny as the one the Obamunist Regime is creating now.

    As long as our choice is limited to big government left vs. big government right, we all lose. We need some strong and principled leaders from both the right and the left to decentralize power from the federal down to the state, local, and individual levels if we ever hope to fix the problem. So where are these leaders? Maybe they live in the same place as the jackalopes and unicorns.

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