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Enough is Enough

June 10, 2010

Everyone, and I mean everyone, is upset about the Deepwater Horizon explosion and leak.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  11 people lost their lives.  It’s an environmental disaster.  British Petroleum is, and should be, liable for the cost of cleanup.  And even if the accident wasn’t preventable – which we still do not know – BP owes the families of their dead and injured employees restitution.

But there are some things that BP should NOT be responsible for.  In the wake of the explosion, President Obama instituted a moratorium on offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.  This was a completely irrational decision.  There is no objective reason to stop operations on all the other rigs simply because there was an accident on the Deepwater Horizon.  That decision has caused the layoffs of many oil workers.

Now President Obama wants to hold BP financially liable for the wages of the laid-off workers.  But BP did not make the decision to stop work on the other rigs, Obama did.  Obama’s unnecessary and foolish decision makes him, and him alone, responsible for the work stoppage and layoffs.

Enough is enough, Mr. President.  Why don’t you stop vilifying British Petroleum and start helping clean up the damage caused by this disaster?

It’s time to step up and act like a real President.  Use the resources of the federal government, FEMA, the Coast Guard, and anything else to disperse, burn and remove the oil before more makes landfall.  If you have to, send Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to Louisiana to physically remove the oil with pool skimming nets.

Cut through the red tape and tell the EPA to sit down and shut up when they get in the way of clean-up efforts.  The dispersant chemicals may possibly have an unknown environmental impact, but the oil spill has an absolute and well known negative environmental impact.  Don’t let the fear of a potential problem stop you from fixing a definite problem.

There will be plenty of time for ass kicking after the oil is cleaned up.  But the longer you delay, the worse the environmental impact will be, and the more difficult and expensive the cleanup becomes.

Note: For those that think it’s hypocritical to both support small, limited government and support government aid in disaster cleanup, you are simply wrong.  The government does, and should, have responsibility to provide national security and aid in large scale disasters – natural and man-made – that affect a significant number of Americans.  Government should not micromanage private industry and individual citizens’ lives.  I hope you will recognize the difference.


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