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It’s Time to Act

June 24, 2010

More shenanigans to delay the oil cleanup and maximize the environmental damage of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.  20 or so oil skimmers are working in the Gulf of Mexico.  Another 2000 are sitting unused in other places in the US.  President Obama won’t spare them because they might be needed if there’s another oil spill somewhere.

I know a lot of you are Democrats and a lot of you voted for Obama, in part, because he promised to do more to protect the environment.  But, to me, this crisis goes beyond normal politics.

This isn’t like the global warming issue, where the potential damage from 100ppm of an invisible gas is unknown and debated.  This is real pollution!  Pollution that you can see, smell, and touch.  It’s concentrated on the shorelines and bays in the gulf states – the areas that have the highest concentration of wildlife in the ocean.  The bays stay warm for most of the year and sea-life goes there to breed and wait out the winter.  The more oil that gets into these areas, the more damage will be done to them and the longer and more difficult the cleanup will be.

It is imperative that more is done to intercept any additional oil before it gets close to shore.  If you truly love the environment, it’s to speak up.  The President is the only person in this country with the power to mobilize all of these skimmers in the US and borrow more from foreign sources.

Even if you’re happy with the rest of Obama’s agenda, you need to admit to yourself that he not doing the right thing here.  It’s okay to criticize a President that you support when he’s making a mistake.  If he listens, it will even help him in the long run.

We all need to work together to make this right.  Do everything you can to get the message out.  Share this post or make your own.  Let’s put the pressure on to get this done.

Once the oil is cleaned up and BP gets the leak plugged, we can go back to arguing about who was responsible and who should pay and what should be paid for.

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