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NAACP and the Tea Party

July 14, 2010

Yesterday the NAACP passed a resolution condemning the Tea Party as a Racist group.  Today,  some of the Tea Party responded.

Hey, NAACP! You did a great deal of good in the 1960’s for civil rights. Stop tainting your reputation.
Playing the Race Card = FAIL.

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  1. wildjim permalink*
    July 14, 2010 10:22 pm

    Excellent post! The NAACP continues to marginalize itself by being so tied to one ideology over and above what its original purpose was. Instead of supporting the “Advancement of Colored People”, they support the advancement of anything ultra left-wing, regardless of whether or not it hurts those people the organization purports to protect and advance, and ultra left-wing policies always hurt most those who already hurt the most.

    Hopefully, it is on the way to NOW status. If you remember, NOW chose to simply ignore any of the rape allegations of President Clinton (and they were just allegations – I don’t know that they were true or not – it just seems to me that an organization that would advance and defend women would at least have been somewhat concerned about those alleged incidents. Instead … ). Since NOW showed what they are, which is an ultra left-wing organization above all else, they’ve kind of disappeared. NAACP, I bid you adieu!

    Our society, for the most part, is post-racial. Just take a look at our president. There are racist morons out there, but we denounce them as racist morons. Tea Party people don’t care about this President’s race, they simply can’t stand his policies.


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