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The Party is Over!

July 29, 2010
Obama's Budget Deficit

Obama's Budget Deficit

Even if President Obama and the Congressional Democrats and Progressive/Moderate Republicans don’t know it yet.

As reported by the Heritage Foundation, the CBO’s new estimate confirms that Obama’s budget deficit over the next decade will never be as low as any of the years of the Bush presidency.

Candidate Obama correctly criticized the Bush Administration for spending way too much during his 8 years in office…  So, why is President Obama happily doubling, tripling and quadrupling the deficit?  It’s as though his real criticism of Bush was that he didn’t spend ENOUGH of our tax money.

The President is already signaling that he will raise all of our taxes in the near future… suggesting that it’s the fiscally responsible thing to do…  That’s total bullshit!  The fiscally responsible thing is to drastically cut spending in all areas of government.  That’s the only way to pay off the debt. Government cannot tax their way out of this hole.  People won’t work if they have to pay a majority of their income in taxes.  Businesses will close if they have to hand over the majority of their profits to the IRS.

The current system, with the new Health Care “Reform” and Wall Street “Reform” and Consumer “Protection” legislation, is in no way sustainable.  Taxes will be raised and private property will be seized – they must be – in an attempt to stop the bleeding.  All of which will continue to crush any dreams of an economic recovery.  Businesses will then be subjected to a host of regulations setting minimum prices and employee pay rates.  It’s all happened before in America and it’s all about to happen again.

The homogenized and government run public school system has failed us.  Our history has been propagandized and we’ve learned a false lesson.  Our passive acceptance of big centralized government has a price… and the bill is due.  History is about to repeat.  The Second Great Depression is imminent.  It should be in full swing before November of 2012.


Note… I realize that some readers will view this post with skepticism.  Too many times in the past, politicians have cried wolf about socialism or communism or Marxism.  The liberal establishment media and entertainment industry has promoted the concept of the stereotypical crazy conspiracy theorist that fears the government and communists.  I used to laugh at the nutjobs that believed in that stuff too.

I used to have this naïve view that all Americans wanted the same things, but just disagreed about how to achieve them.  I used to consider myself a Democrat.

The first time I voted, I believed that Bill Clinton would keep his word and not raise taxes. And that he believed that homosexual individuals should not be removed from military service if their sexuality was discovered, because it was none of the military’s business.  I believed that was a Democratic Party principle.  I believed the Democrats stood for freedom and liberty.  So – he got my vote.

Yes, I was young and foolish.  And I felt the harsh sting of betrayal when President Clinton announced that he HAD to raise taxes – almost immediately after he was sworn in.  And I realized that when he passed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” – an elegant solution that reinforced that an individual’s personal life was no business of the government – and Democrats howled in outrage, that the party didn’t care about individual privacy or liberty.  They just wanted to make homosexual soldiers into victims, so they could claim they needed special protections and entitlements from Uncle Sam – and to continue their general opposition of the military.

To Democratic activists, it was about dividing America into even more little groups that they could pit against each other along racial and sexual lines, so they could then offer the solution of “Diversity” in exchange for votes.  It was a cynical and bigoted rejection of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream of a color-blind society where people would be judged solely by their  individual character.

It wasn’t until years later that I discovered that I shouldn’t have been surprised.  The Democrats were the Party of Slavery, Jim Crow, Lynchings, and the KKK.  They opposed MLK, Jr. and filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Historically, they are the Party of Bigotry.  But, I had learned none of this in High School or at Penn State.  I was led to believe the opposite.  Why?  Because, after the mainstream Democrats’ stunning failure to prevent Civil Rights legislation and the chaos, violence, and eventual victory of the Vietnam War protests, the revolutionary Marxist movement took control of the Democratic Party, and begun infiltrating the public education system.

History is surprising...

History is surprising...

They changed tactics.  Instead of trying to segregate minorities, they decided to make them dependents of the state.  The rationale behind it was no less bigoted – they still believed themselves to be superior to blacks and other minorities – but, by employing Marxist theory they knew could control every aspect of the “rabble’s” lives by giving them housing, food, clothing and money confiscated from the “evil” industrialists, entrepreneurs, and those with the traditional American values of individual liberty, personal responsibility, hard work and self-reliance.  And if the “Rich” – also a threat to the power of the Progressive Political Ruling Class – dared to complain that they were being overly or unfairly taxed, they could be silenced by false accusations of greed and bigotry – which was especially effective because the accused hate bigotry on principle and fear the societal stigma applied to bigots.

The more I learned, the more I realized I had more in common with Republicans, conservatives  and Libertarians.  But I didn’t really fit into any political party because they all put their political objectives ahead of the truth.  And the one thing that really matters is the truth.

To varying extents, everything you learned in school and from every information source is packed full of lies and falsehoods.  Politicians and activists on all sides all lie and distort what they do, what their opponents do, and their goals and the vary nature of the country and the world.  Picking out the truth in such a sea of lies is part skill and part talent.  I don’t think it can be taught, because until you realize the sheer scope of the information deception – everything you have and will be told is a lie, with very very few exceptions – you cannot accept it.  You have to come to it on your own.

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  1. July 29, 2010 6:55 pm

    Looks like the Liberals have run out of quarters for Obama’s mustache ride



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