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The Quayle Legacy

August 11, 2010

Everyone remembers Vice President Dan Quayle for making foolish political errors.  Now, the Liberal Establishment Media has a long and revered history of making Republicans look foolish and Democrats look wise despite the facts of the story.  But, surprisingly, most of the reported mistakes of the Republican VP were actually true.

Well, it appears that Foot-In-Mouth Disorder is a congenital disease passed from father to son.  Dan’s son, Ben Quayle, was writing for a blog named – it has since been been renamed as – under the pen name Brock Landers.

Now Ben is running for Congress, and Politico reporters have discovered that he and Brock are one in the same.  His writings are about finding the Hottest chick in Scottsdale and other such silliness.  Not exactly the image a Congressional candidate wants to project, but only mildly embarrassing.  So, when the news got out, what does Ben do?  He denies it.

Since he knows it’s a lie – and there’s no way he’ll be able to keep it hidden – that was an incredibly stupid thing to do.  What should he have done instead?  Immediately and fully admitted that he authored the articles and truthfully explain them as humorous, lighthearted and sarcastic writings with content that he wasn’t particularly proud of as evidenced by his use of a pen name.

If he had done that, there would be no scandal at all.  His denial, however, shows his willingness to be dishonest for political gain and a serious lack of good judgment.  It also makes it look as though Ben has something to hide and every one of those articles will be heavily researched and trotted out by the media on a regular basis to damage his campaign.

This is no real tragedy.  Ben Quayle isn’t really the kind of guy Wild Citizens want representing us in Congress anyway.  He’s just a typical unprincipled politician that is only concerned with getting elected.   Maybe the scandal will give a boost to the TEA Party endorsed candidate, Pamela Gorman.  It would be a shame if Quayle wins the primary, then loses to the Democrat in the general election over this – But it might be even worse if he wins.

As I don’t live in Arizona, there’s nothing I can do except cross my fingers and hope that Pamela Gorman gets the nod.

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