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Conservatives Welcome Hispanics (And Everyone Else Too)

August 12, 2010

The thing that bothers me about our progressive friends – OK, many things bother me about them – are comments like the ones Harry Reid made in reference to Hispanics being Republicans.  The problem I have is that unlike progressives, most Republicans (and even more conservatives) don’t think about race or background first.  Conservatives simply don’t care about race, we are past it.  We want to see people from all walks of life do better together, always have.  Sure, there are nuts on our side, but they are few and far between.  But progressives see everything through the tainted lens of race or some other man-made group.  Progressives try to legislate differently for different groups, creating unequal rules for all to navigate, causing resentment.  Progressives want judges to rule with empathy, not according to the law, and use the law as it fits for whichever particular group may be offended today.  There is no “blind justice” for the progressive because that would mean seeing everyone the same. 

Conservatives on the other hand, legislate and ignore the groups.  We get upset about laws and rules that treat black people different from white people who are then treated different from brown people and so on.  We conservatives just see people. 

Harry Reid shows his true side, his misguided belief that Republicans are horrible racists because we don’t want illegal immigration.  His statement just shows what a small-minded simpleton that he is and just why he needs to be defeated in November.  His statements have no place in honest political discourse.  The truth is that conservatives believe in the rule of law being applied equally to all through the legislature and the courts.  Justice should never peek through her blindfold to check on the skin color of the judged.

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