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Mosque Mania! **UPDATED**

August 19, 2010

The Ground Zero Mosque controversy has been pretty much impossible to avoid.   All the news outlets and radio talk shows have harped on it for weeks.  New York officials, the 9/11 families and even the President are all drawing lines in the sand.  The various arguments have included the First Amendment, respect for the dead, the site not being exactly at Ground Zero, that the building was a Burlington Coat Factory, that one of the plane’s landing gear smashed through the roof of the building, and that the proposed Mosque’s Imam is a radical that was in favor of the 9/11 attacks.

Everyone has lost their minds over it… and understandably so.  It’s a seriously emotional issue.  To make any sense of it, we need to step back and look at it with a clear head.  So – buckle up as I give it a shot.

First, the legality.  If the site is owned by the Imam, then the Constitution says that he can do anything he wants with it… as far as Federal Law goes.  However, state and local governments have a great deal more power because of Zoning Laws.  Zoning Laws are used or abused all the time when someone wants to build a motocross track, a car wash or a chicken coop.   So, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has the most political power in this matter and he thinks the Mosque is a second Statue of Liberty.

Next, let’s look at the motives behind the Mosque.  Is it really intended to be a second Statue of Liberty, a beacon of tolerance to display to the world?  Or is it something else?

The founder of the proposed Mosque, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, has ties to the extremist group the Muslim Brotherhood, wrote a book to promote Sharia Law in America, said that the USA was an accessory to the 9/11 attacks, expressed doubt that the 9/11 hijackers were Muslim extremists, refuses to admit or denounce Hamas as a terrorist group, and says that slavery and rape are acceptable acts under Sharia.  Rauf also describes himself as a moderate Muslim – which begs the question, “If so, then what is an extremist Muslim?”

No.  I don’t think Rauf is interested in building a symbol of tolerance.  More likely, he is building a monument to Islamic Extremism’s victory over America.  This gigantic Mosque and Cultural Center will tower over the ashes of thousands of innocent Americans that have been inseparably intertwined with the soil and wreckage beneath the fallen Twin Towers.  The whole project is a way of gloating about the attack – pure and simple.

So – now that we understand what an obvious insult to America this project is – what should be done about it?

Nothing at all.

Apart from the locals living in New York City, none of the rest of us should get involved at all.  If the citizens of NYC can pressure Bloomberg into disallowing it through zoning or some other legal maneuver, so be it.  If not, we have no rights, as a nation, to get involved.  No matter how much we hate the insult… And believe me every single American should hate this insult.

But Liberty is more important than petty insults.  We shouldn’t give up our principles – and embrace a big government solution – because of these jagoffs.

But what we should never do is mistake the right to do something with something being the right thing to do.  Which appears to be a mistake both Michael Bloomberg and Barack Obama have made with this mosque project.  The mosque will not inspire religious tolerance, improve relations with Muslim extremists, promote greater interfaith dialog or any other naive fantasy described by Time Magazine or the rest of the Liberal Establishment Media.  It will never be anything more than an insult to the victims of the 9/11 attacks and all of America.

Update : Another Good Solution

A lot of construction workers will be needed to build this mosque.  If American construction workers individually are strongly opposed – or are personally insulted – by this Mosque’s location and obvious purpose as a monument to Al-Qaeda’s successful destruction of the World Trade Center, there’s no reason they need to agree to take the job.  Individual construction workers are already deciding that they want no part of it.  And, for now at least, they cannot be legally compelled to take a job that they do not want to do.

If the fight against the mosque comes down to NYC construction workers vs. NYC government, how long do you suppose it will take Obama to get involved?

My guess?

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