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Primary Results in FL, AZ, AK, VT, and OK

August 25, 2010

Primary voting has ended tonight, so it is time to watch the results come in.  The biggest surprise to me was how many more voters are voting in Republican primaries than Democrat ones. 

As for results, Rick Scott won in the Florida Gubernatorial GOP Primary, but it was always going to be close, so we’ll call it a mini surprise.  Kendrick Meek also won solidly over billionaire Jeff Greene.  The other things to note in Florida were how close incumbent Allen Boyd came to getting knocked off in FL 2, where he will face Steve Southerland in the general.  I’ll have to rethink my original call for Boyd to hold the seat for the Dems.  The other Florida mini surprise was the GOP primary in FL 24 to face Suzanne Kosmas, where Sandra Adams slipped past the 2 frontrunners to a roughly 600 vote lead with 99.6% reporting, barring recounts, absentees, etc.

McCain won big in Arizona and will cruise to re-election.  For the Democrats, Rodney Glassman is facing a closer primary than I would have guessed, but he should still win.  Ben Quayle will probably win in AZ3, although that scares me for November, because I wonder if he’s up to the task in the big time to hold a safe GOP seat.  And Jesse Kelly looks like a winner in AZ8, Paul Gosar in AZ1, and David Schweikert in AZ5.  Alaska hasn’t yet come in but if you want to look at these races, here’s a great link from Politico where you can follow votes as they get counted.

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