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Advocates of Illegal Immigration Have This Blood On Their Hands

August 26, 2010

Today the Associate Press reported that 72 bodies were found on a Mexican ranch.  These people were trying to illegally enter the US, but were murdered by a drug cartel before they could reach the border.  This is the third mass grave of migrants found by Mexican authorities this summer.  While the mass murders are a relatively new development, migrants have often been victims of kidnapping, extortion, beatings and theft.

Human rights are the most important reason for my opposition to illegal immigration.  Promoting lawlessness to desperately poor people leads directly to violence and exploitation.  The leftists that oppose enforcing immigration law must understand that obvious fact, but they don’t seem to care.

Leftists are always trying to smear conservatives by saying we are cruel, insensitive and racist. Well, lefties, I have some news for you.  Enforcing fair laws is not cruel.  Wanting to protect public safety is not insensitive.  And Mexicans and other Central and South American countries’ citizens are not a race.

The people that you’ve encouraged to illegally cross our border for decades put themselves in great danger because they have to deal with human smugglers, drug cartels, gangs and corrupt officials.  If they make it here, they can be underpaid by unscrupulous employers or forced into sex slavery or otherwise exploited.  And you defend illegal immigration because you want cheap nannies, day laborers and gardeners.  You’ve even started to – disturbingly – call everyone living below our southern border “Brown People”.   In my opinion, all of those things are cruel, insensitive and racist.

If you support illegal immigration and don’t want our borders enforced, then the blood of the 72 dead men and women found dead on that Mexican ranch is on your hands.  If you really cared about these people, you could never support a lawless open border.  I’ll leave you with one more thought to consider. 

What do you suppose happened to the children traveling with the 72 murdered migrants?

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