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The NRSC Pledges To Support Joe Miller

September 1, 2010

Here’s the statement from Senator John Cornyn, Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee…

“After a hard-fought primary contest, I offer my sincere congratulations to Joe Miller and offer him my strong support. The NRSC is committed to doing everything that we can in order to ensure Joe Miller’s victory this November, and I have no doubt that he will be elected as the next U.S. Senator from Alaska.

“Voters in Alaska and across the country face a serious but clear choice this November. If they are happy with the reckless spending, higher taxes, and bloated federal government in Washington, then they should vote for a Democrat. But if they believe in restoring accountability and providing checks-and-balances to President Obama’s agenda, then they should vote for Republican candidates like Joe Miller.

“On a personal note, I thank my friend and colleague Senator Lisa Murkowski for her work on behalf of Alaska and our country. In conceding this evening and avoiding a long and costly recount, she has once again put Alaska first, displaying the same selfless service that she is known for in the halls of Congress. While she will leave the Senate later this year, I have no doubt that Lisa Murkowski will continue to serve both Alaska and our country for many years to come.”

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