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Murkowski’s No Quitter, Just a Loser

September 14, 2010

Just a little rant …

Lisa Murkowski last week said that she isn’t a quitter.  While it’s nice to hear that someone isn’t a quitter, the difference here is that she LOST!  She lost her primary AND it consisted of many Independent voters as well.  “Quitting” now is the acceptable and respectful thing to do for your country and party.

But I forgot.  Murkowski is a moderate, which generally means a power-hungry politician fully out for herself.  She is part of the machine, a daughter of a Senator and Governor, who was appointed by her father to the seat she holds now.  In fact, if I can add, her father said he searched high and low for the best person and, eureka, it was his daughter, which also tells me one of 2 things.  Either, Alaska has NO ONE qualified for the Senate and as a last resort, he chose his daughter, OR Governor Murkowski always intended to select her, adding to the cynicism.  Well, since we know that Joe Miller is qualified by the fact that his positions actually support Constitutional government and a philosophy of returning power to people, Murkowski must have been chosen for pure nepotism.

Lisa Murkowski is the most recent poster child of what is wrong with Washington.

In fact, in pure moderate fashion, she has already decided to stay home and pout contemplate her political future.  You see, some people have told her that she should keep running because Alaska(n Democrats) needs her.  Miller will win if Murkowski stays out and then perhaps she can challenge Mark, the accidental Senator because we sandbagged Ted Stevens, Begich in 2014, garnering much more respect.  Or she can go now as a write-in and destroy GOP chances of taking the Senate and stopping the Obama agenda.  But maybe that’s the point since she has already said she won’t repeal Obamacare, which just happens to be the most egregious and freedom killing piece of legislation passed in 50 years, maybe ever.

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