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Lisa Murkowski is a Pathetic and Disgusting Politician – Nothing More

September 18, 2010
Alaska can and should do better.

This pathetic child of privilege has decided that she needs power and has joined the ranks of the power-hungry moderates like Charlie Crist who just cannot bear to give up power, so she has launched a write-in campaign to try to save herself in the name of serving “all the people”.  I always find this line funny because these same political charlatans are fine with their party when they win, but when they lose, well the party has lost its way.  It is politicians like Murkowski who over the last several years have destroyed the GOP by diluting the message of limited government and freedom and caused conservatives to drop the “Republican” moniker, and simply call themselves “Conservatives”.  When people say that the GOP has lost its way, it is due to the Murkowski’s, the Specter’s, the Castle’s, and the Snowe’s and Collins’ who have pulled the Republican leadership into “moderate” positions of compromise.  It is the Murkowski’s and her ilk who have made the GOP look hypocritical in their stance of limiting government and their actions of growing it.

But those positions are just soft liberalism, and if the choice is liberal or soft liberal, people choose the real thing.

And then the United States ends up with Obama and a radical leftist Congress with a Marxist agenda.

Joe Miller

The control everything politicians like Senator Murkowski would rather drag the country down with their arrogance, than try to have us aspire to being a great country once again.

In Alaska, there is only one person running for Senate who believes that the Constitution has meaning, that people don’t need controlled, and supports the founding principles of the US.  His name is Joe Miller.  Joe Miller is just the type of person who will disarm the attacks against the hypocritical GOP.  Please help save this country from the Anti-Constitution establishment by contributing to his campaign here.  I did.

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  1. October 18, 2010 11:37 pm

    You think that’s disgusting? Dude, look at Gordon Brown


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