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Desperation Is All Around Us

September 23, 2010

Over the past couple of weeks, as Democrats and establishment Republicans are seeing the powerful influence of the TEA Party movement in the primaries, they are beginning to realize that the old rules of politics don’t apply any more.  In desperation, they are pulling out all the stops in a vain attempt to block the tide of upstart politicians threatening to drown them.

Since the TEA Party’s beginnings, the establishment media has tried to paint the movement as a group of angry, violent, racist, knuckle-dragging morons.  None of those smears have worked.  Now they’ve abandoned all subtlety and have begun a literal witch-hunt and are literally demonizing TEA Party backed candidates and politicians.

Take a look at this video from the NBC Today Show:’donnell-a-real-‘witch’

That’s right.  They’re claiming that Delaware candidate Christine O’Donnell is a witch, because she dated someone like this guy:   in high school.

Now take a look at this video from Morning Joe:

Christine O’Donnell is a witch and Newt Gingrich is Mephistopheles according to the always rational Chris Matthews.

It must all be true, because it was on the NBC – unlike those ridiculous fear-mongers at Fox News!  So what’s the next step in dealing with these creatures of darkness?  What do we do with witches?

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