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Christine O’Donnell, Perfectly Qualified to be a US Senator

September 29, 2010

Christine O'Donnell

So I’ve done a little thinking about Christine O’Donnell and have come to some new conclusions.  People, me included to a point, have been skeptical of her credentials to be a Senator, including things like her financial troubles and her witchcraft stupidity.  But honestly, that’s real life.  Truthfully, what politicians ARE actually qualified to be Senators. 

Did Senator Herb Kohl earn his credentials by being born as an heir to a department store chain and being able to get into Harvard as a result?  Yes, I do believe they are related.

Did Mark Dayton inheriting Target money earn his credentials the same way?

What about Ted Kennedy?  Did growing up rich in a family that made much of their money illegally, make him qualified.  Or maybe it was getting kicked out of Harvard for cheating that made the “Liberal Lion” qualified.

Was it Carte Goodwin’s well connected family that gave him the gravitas to be a Senator? 

Robert Byrd/Ted Kennedy

Maybe Robert Byrd was qualified based on his recruiting for the KKK?

This list could just go on and on depicting the “qualifications” of US Senators.

The truth is no one ever questions the “qualifications” of people who as kids were groomed by their well-connected families to be part of the ruling class over the rabble.  But we question the qualifications of real people like Christine O’Donnell (or Sarah Palin for that matter) to be a US Senator because she wasn’t born with a silver spoon or go to Harvard. 

Christine O’Donnell has made mistakes in her life, but she’s lived a real life, like most people.  In reality, the only qualification that should matter is respect for the Constitution.  And as a result of her positions, she is much more qualified than some who currently serve as US Senators.

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