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Ben Stein Murkowski is Just Wrong (and Dangerous)

October 27, 2010

So Ben Stein wrote an article trashing Joe Miller (R-Alaska).   In it he lays out a number of reasons that Joe Miller is unqualified for the Senate, summarized by his opinion that Miller is “a dangerous, stupid clown”.  I don’t know Mr. Miller and probably never will, but lets assume that Mr. Stein is right in his assessment.  Maybe he talks before he thinks sometimes, who doesn’t.  That’s a trait that seems to be OK for so many other Senators, why does Stein single Miller out?  And speaking of stupid, Alaskans could vote for Lisa Murkowski, the intellectual giant who failed the Bar Exam four times.   But I simply don’t care anymore.  What I know is that Lisa Murkowski is an utter failure as a Senator for 1 main reason, far too many of her votes are against Liberty.  She might be willing to repeal Obamacare (depends on the day), she is a lapdog to the “go along to get along” Republican leadership that is at least partially responsible for the mess this country is in.  She has no core principles and/or values and seems to believe she is entitled to Daddy’s old seat.  OK, there’s more than one reason.  But, it is the entitled Republicans and statist Democrats who scare me more than anything and are ruining this great and proud nation.  Murkowski is the type of “Republican” who causes people to become discouraged because they believe that all politicians are the same. 

There are three possible outcomes in the Alaska Senate race and two of them are bad.  Scott McAdams may be a wonderful human being (or pure evil, just being hypothetical), but regardless, he will be another vote from a more or less Conservative state in support of the Obama agenda of state control over the economy and people’s lives.  We already know Lisa Murkowski is a spoiled and impetuous child throwing a tantrum (and also pure evil) who will continue to pull the country towards the statist agenda of the Obama Administration, albeit a little more slowly.  And there’s Joe Miller who may be Satan incarnate, but will vote 99% of the time for Liberty for the American people, including the repeal of Obama care, increased domestic oil and natural gas drilling to move towards energy independence, strict border control, lower taxes for all Americans, and against the job killing regulatory policies of this president.  And he won’t just vote against crazy, radical judicial nominees.  He will work to filibuster them back to the hole from which they crawled.  If Miller wins and he’s awful, then there is an opportunity to vote against him in six years.  Voting for Miller is the recourse for thirty years of country wrecking from the Murkowski family (Frank and Lisa).

The choice for Alaska Senate seems perfectly clear to me.  Send in the clowns!

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  1. November 18, 2010 5:07 am

    You got the clown. Sad day for Alaska and shame on the GOP heavies who supported her – I’m looking at Thune, in particular, who voted to let the Petulant Princess retain seniority.


  1. World Spinner

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