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The Wild Citizen Voting Guide

November 1, 2010

I’ve had friends and family come to me and express their confusion about tomorrow’s election.  Most of them were sick of George W. Bush and the Republicans in 2008.  Now, they tell me that they’re sick of Barack Obama and the Democrats.  They don’t like what either side has done in the recent past and they don’t trust any of them now.

If you feel the same way, and remain undecided because of it, you’ve come to the right place.  Wild Citizen can to help you decide where you stand and how you can vote to get your message through.

First of all, this midterm election, like most of them, is your chance to either support or oppose the current agenda of the President and Congress.

For the past four years, Democrats have had the majority in both the House and Senate.  That means they’ve decided which legislation was discussed and voted upon.  In 2009, when Barack Obama was sworn into office, the Democrats’ majority in the Senate was so large that the Republicans didn’t have enough members to mount a filibuster (Block a vote indefinitely.)

Then, for a full year, until the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, the Democrats could pass any legislation they wanted without a single Republican vote. And they could do it without any possibility of a Presidential veto.

As you can see, the President’s ability to successfully push his agenda depends on the Democrats control of Congress. So – it should be clear that if you support the President’s agenda, then you should vote for Democrats.  And if you oppose the President’s agenda, then you should vote for Republicans.

So the next question is, “What is the President’s Agenda?”

There may be some debate over the details, but when you look at the big picture it’s clear that his Agenda is StatismThe idea that the modern world has become so complicated that the individual citizen is not capable of making choices that are in his own best interest and in the best interests of the community.  And that the solution is a larger and more powerful government that can guide and protect its citizens from any and all threats of a financial or social nature.

The alternative is Libertarianism, (a.k.a. American Conservatism).  The idea that individual citizens are capable of making decisions that are in their own best interest and, therefore, in the best interests of the community.  And the solution is a smaller government with strictly limited power that is prevented from interfering in the day to day affairs of its citizens.

Finally, we need to consider the issue of trust.

Again, the answer is very straightforward.

Can you trust the Republicans?  No.

Can you trust the Democrats?   No.

Does it matter?  No.

Vote for what you believe in.  If your candidate betrays your trust after he’s been elected, don’t vote for him again. Vote him out in the next Primary, even if that means losing the General election. Make politicians know with certainty that they will absolutely lose their jobs if they break their promises.

To summarize:

The Wild Citizen Voting Guide

If you support Statism, vote Democrat.

If you support Liberty, vote Republican.

After the election if your candidate doesn’t govern by the principle you believe in, vote for their opponent in the next Primary.

We hope you found our guide useful. Remember to vote tomorrow.

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