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Message For You Sir

November 16, 2010

In the wake of this historic midterm election, the message that was sent by the voters was received by our congressmen. There are some growing pains as the establishment Republicans face the freshmen, but even Mitch McConnell has realized that the old guard needs to change. Here he gives a speech laying out why he was reluctant to give up congressional earmarks – because they won’t stop executive earmarks – but makes the commitment to do so anyway, because that’s what the voters want.

Earmarks aren’t the biggest problem our country faces. Budget wise, they’re barely significant individually. As a whole, they still make a small contribution to our debt. The real problems are in entitlement and non-discretionary spending. Cutting those programs will be difficult and painful, but if it isn’t done they’re going to fail anyway. If allowed to fail on their own, without smaller and sensible replacements, we’re going to see hardships like those taking place in Europe now.

When that happens governments themselves are in danger of failing and being replaced by authoritarian revolutionaries. We’ve seen it before in Germany, Russia and China. It can happen again and it can happen here.

Americans have a strong tradition of individualism and liberty. In the end, that may save us, but it isn’t a sure thing. The revolutionaries in America have a 100 year head start, so we shouldn’t underestimate them.

This election was a great start toward righting America’s course, but it’s only the beginning. This problem is bigger than Barack Obama or the Democrats or the Republicans. Our job is to continually and consistently defend our liberty. Vote for it. Speak up for it. Never give it up.

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