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The New Face of the GOP?

January 20, 2011

Strong faces with strong character behind them.  The Republican Party could do a lot worse than choosing Herman Cain or Allen West as a Presidential Candidate in 2012.  Certainly, they did far worse in 2008.

After hearing them speak, I’ll find it much easier to support either of these men than I did John McCain.  I’d be overjoyed, actually.  With McCain, I had to tamp down my disgust long enough to vote for him.  That’s the closest I could get to “supporting” him.

In fact, if Obama hadn’t been so obviously Marxist, I almost certainly would have voted for him.  Not because he would have been a better president – I think Obama’s done a worse job than McCain would have been capable of.  Just to prevent McCain from being responsible for further damaging the country and spreading his disgrace to conservatives in general.

Hopefully, the GOP will choose Herman Cain, Allen West, or another strongly principled candidate like them in 2012.  (Chris Christie comes to mind.)  We’re going to need someone like that, if we’re going to pull the country back from the precipice.


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