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Duty of the AG

March 2, 2011

Eric Holder, by his own admission, is not fit to serve as the US Attorney General.  In the linked video below, he claims that a desire to prosecute a New Black Panther member caught on video intimidating voters by wielding a police baton a great disservice to his people.  His reasoning is that voter intimidation in the South during the 1960’s was of a greater significance to history than modern voter intimidation.

Watch Eric Holder’s Comments Here.

There’s a problem with Holder’s assertions.  As the US Attorney General, it’s his sworn duty to prosecute cases based on the law, not judge the law’s relative importance in history.  He is required to do this on behalf of all Americans equally, not just a select few he considers to be his people.

I do not know if his people are determined by race, ethnicity, ideology or some other factor.  It makes no difference, because, despite his assurances to the contrary, he is clearly making determinations about which cases to prosecute based on his identity as a member of this select group.

Holder’s statements indicate that he is not capable of fulfilling the duties his position requires.  He should resign immediately.  If he doesn’t, the President should fire him.

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