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We have founded because there is a need for someone to talk about the issues from a freedom loving perspective.  The idea of a wild citizen is simply that Americans don’t fit into a neat series of groups like those currently in power seem to believe.  Those liberals treat regular people like caged Americans being led to slaughter, pigs in this cage, cows over there, and chickens on another part of the farm.  Domesticated, bland, and unthinking Americans.  This world view allows the people who control the federal government (Democratic Liberals), to treat you as if you are incapable of figuring out your own life.  In essence, they know better.

But that world view is wrong, as we in the real world know, and have always known.  And we are tired of it.  That is in effect what has spawned the Tea Party movement.

An aside: Personally, I have not been an active Tea Party person, although I have believed in the Tea Party movement for over 30 years-My fascination with all things political began at a very young age.

With that said, this is not a Tea Party site specifically, but it is a site to which Tea Party activists and most other regular Americans will relate.  Why?  Because government policy can and should be based on common sense and some “radical” document called the Constitution.  And when that common sense is lost and that Constitution is not followed, we get what we have today: out of control spending, unsustainable debts, and arrogant and petty “leaders”.

Americans are not tame and domesticated.  We are strong-willed, intelligent, and individualistic.  We think through our days and nights because we must.  We control our lives and do just fine.  Just like animals in their wild habitat with the freedom to control our own destiny.

We are all Wild Citizens.

Welcome and enjoy!

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